AI Tracker Bot / AI Research

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AI Tracker Bot / AI Research

Arkham 2.0 has developed a cutting-edge AI system called Travis designed specifically for synthesizing blockchain data. This proprietary system efficiently gathers data from various sources, both on and off the blockchain, and consolidates them into a single, scalable, and adaptable source of truth. By leveraging Travis, Arkham 2.0 is able to transform raw blockchain transaction information into a comprehensive view of cryptocurrency users and their activities, encompassing exchanges, trading firms, and individuals.

The Travis offers key features including:

  • Transaction history, with customizable filters and sorting options based on USD value, tokens, counterparties, and time.

  • Portfolio holdings, providing insights into the assets held by the entity or address.

  • Balance history, allowing users to track changes in balances over time.

  • Profit and loss analysis, enabling users to assess gains or losses associated with transactions.

  • Exchange usage details, highlighting the entities' preferred exchanges and trading platforms.

Through the comprehensive capabilities and the wealth of data provided by Travis, Arkham 2.0 empowers users with deep insights into blockchain activities, facilitating informed decision-making and analysis in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

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